The Jump of Doom!

The Jump of Doom!

Jump of Doom in actionFast becoming my most popular workshop the Jump Of Doom sees our young inventors turning their hand to vehicle design.

Picture the scene… a MASSIVE ramp, 1.5m tall. A kicker at the end launching their vehicles through a narrow hoop, a gap of over 1000mm and a landing ramp…

Can our young innovators figure out how to build a vehicle capable of making a jump that long?

Will their design survive the crashes, the smashes and the falls?

Will they have the quality of build to make it down the ramp straight without careering off the side into oblivion?

We explore materials, structures, strength and stiffening. The end result teaches them about potential and kinetic energy and the whole challenge pushes them to iterate their designs just like a real inventor. getting the balance just right, getting the strength up so it doesn’t fall to pieces and the aerodynamics on point to land that jump.

To add a little healthy competition, the inventor whose car that reaches the furthest will receive a Jump Of Doom t shirt!

Jump of Doom T shirt

Workshop Details

Duration: 90 minutes

Number of kids: up to 30

Age restrictions: 7 to adult

Previous skills required: Almost none

What will I bring?: A huge 1.5 meter tall ramp. Landing ramp. All the tools, materials, consumables and components needed to build their dream ride.

Cost: £250 + travel

How do I book?

Head to the contact page to choose the best method to reach me. Please remember i still work a day job at one of the worlds most innovative technology companies, so workshops will be easier at weekends or can sometimes be evenings with enough notice.

Still our record holder, Noe’s truck cleared 1100mm beautifully…

Refund Policy: If we cancel the event then you will be refunded. However, if you are not able to make it on the day, I will not be able to give you a refund as we will have paid the person leading the workshop. Though, if you can find someone to take your child’s space, I will be more than happy to accommodate that.

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