This afternoon was one of the best INSET sessions I can remember. There were many words of wisdom to take from it, lots of ideas to consider, some excellent design efforts from the team and copious amounts of uncontrollable laughter!

Sean Price, Headmaster Westonbirt

Spending the last 12 years in Senior Management at one of Britain’s most influential innovation companies has provided me unique insight into how to lead complex, multidisciplinary teams and to get the very best from people with diverse and complicated backgrounds.

Combined with a life time of problem solving and innovation, I’ve built workshops aimed at providing tangible usable outcomes that are achievable from day one.

Believe me when I say I’ve been on hundreds of ‘training days’. I think all of them had great intentions but many were so complex, trying to cover so many different topics in a single session that the delegates were often bamboozled, each coming away with a totally different set of actions and next steps and ultimately nothing really changed but everyone had a jolly good lunch and a cracking day out of the office!

As part of my Innovation & Brainstorming seminar I absolutely advocate for getting out of the office but these days can be very costly both in time, and finances so it really ought to be worthwhile with a measurable and targeted outcome rather than just a jolly.

My workshops are:

Fun, because emotional experiences are significantly more memorable

Targeted & specific because specific problems, well understood, can be broken down and more easily solved

Interactive  with a mixture of seminar, activity & Q&A because simply listening to methods is no way near as impactful as experiencing them first hand within your team context

Open to all because EVERYONE is creative in their own way and EVERYONE has a contribution to give

Reach out to me to discuss your needs. I don’t do cookie cutter development sessions because your problem is different to the next team and the next company. – I prefer contact by phone or social media – we all get too many emails!


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