inspiring the next generation

inspiring the next generation

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Customised Sketch Book
An absolute essential for any inventor. Literally this is basic, you have to have a sketch book. How can you possibly contain all the ideas...
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Supercharged Launcher Kit
Our second SUPERCHARGED STEM kit will be focusing on Propulsion, Aerodynamics and Trajectory. This is a super fun and extremely affordable kit that will give...
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Hydraulic Robot Arm
Ridiculously excited to tease this new kit I've been working on for some time now. Its not just another Build-Your-Own kit, oh no! This is...
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Model Mokes Launched!
Freshly updated for 2019, our model Moke kit is now easier to make, faster to build and has tons of new detailed features! This Kit...
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“In my whole life, this is literally the very best thing I have ever created, invented or built!

Children are the future of our world and we need to make sure that the world is going to be in safe hands. Ensuring that our children are inspired to observe the world around them, spot opportunities and propose solutions is my key aim of Inventor Club”

Inventor Club Workshops

I love running my weekly club in Swindon but if you can't come to me, i'll bring the fun to you! Birthdays, Scout group meetings, Home Ed Groups, Youth groups - you name it, i'll be there!
Deliver the Payload
Innovation often finds us turning obstacles into opportunities. This challenge is no exception. You have to deliver a specific payload into a predefined area from a zip wire. How big is the...
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Unsinkable Ships
Can you construct an unsinkable sailing boat from cardboard to transport cargo across the sea?
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Are you a black belt in origami? Show off your skills by crafting a creative mask, robot arm or other crazy cardboard creation! Cardboard is one of the most versatile materials I've...
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What if we added lights to clothing rather than simply attach them to our homes? What new items could you invent?
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Beyond Your Reach
Many people struggle with their range of motion, can you invent a device to help the reach further or grip better?
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Design | Build | Test
The very best product for the very best price - the challenge for all designers. Can you build the cheapest, strongest bridge?
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Save The World!
The world is going to end in 90minutes! We need a crack team of innovators to help devise a device to relocate a set of broken fuel cells to refill the rocket...
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The Jump of Doom!
Fast becoming my most popular workshop the Jump Of Doom sees our young inventors turning their hand to vehicle design. Picture the scene... a MASSIVE ramp, 1.5m tall. A kicker at the...
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