Concept Development

Concept Development

Iterative product development starts first by understanding the problem, then brainstorming ideas and developing them with quick hand sketches in my sketchbook.

I continually experiment with new forms of concepts development but I keep returning to pencil and paper. I have the most wonderful Rotring 600 which has the perfect weight and balance in the hand allowing effortless and intentional pencil strokes on the page.

In the same way that folks use the save button in the middle of their computer game, I use sketching to push save on the ideas that are ultimately forming in my head.

I’m inspired but the world around me, the things I’ve seen and the amalgamation of new and existing technologies to solve a new problem. I’m able to get a design developed very far in my head before I ever put pencil to paper and often these ideas come to me whilst driving or walking.

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