Prototyping & Testing

Prototyping & Testing

The first prototype, the first time your ideas leave the page and take physical form is so incredibly exciting, I still get a buzz now.

Within a month of my first concept meeting I had a full scale, fully working prototype that showed the proof of principle. It wasn’t particularly pretty but it was 100% functional and was able to be built and puled apart and rebuilt. This enabled potential customers to fully visualize the concept i had been describing and showing from within the pages of my sketch book.

Far from the end, this is simply the beginning. I usually produce multiple technology rigs along the way. When a design is multifaceted and complex, it makes total sense to break it down into chunks, proving out reach building block bit by bit. When it comes to furniture this is no exception most simply because what we’re making is so huge.

Each prototype proves or disproves ideas and as we evaluate the results of the testing, we keep the good bits and improve the bits that didn’t live up to expectation.

Working with Fusion 360 and my Bambu X1 Carbon, prototyping is so effortless these days. It’s sped up my workflow and enabled a higher rate of iteration

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