From a young age, I’ve delivered public speeches in a slightly different way. Originally armed with my dad’s JVC camcorder, I used to make short films with key content wrapped in comedic appearances to camera! These days I draw from my experience as a life long inventor and creative to provide various inspirational talks, seminars and training events with high energy delivery and memorable, impactful content..

My talks focus around:

  • Innovation
  • Problem solving
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Product development
  • Teamwork

My content is taken from my 20+ year career at the leading edge of technology & product design with companies such as Dyson, Xyratex and Elmdene (A Potter Company). I also draw on my experiences in the charity sector through which I have worked in disaster situations, with refugees, and underprivileged families in the UK, Europe, USA & Mexico.

More recently, my work in education through Inventor Club, as well as working with the Dyson Institute, Gloucestershire University and Lund University in Sweden have strengthened my position as a dynamic and highly engaging speaker.

Seminars, Training & Talks
Speaking Example

I recorded a podcast with The Design & Technology Association going right back through my whole life story. I’ve had a pretty eventful life so it’s a solid hour listen!

Check it out

Filming Examples

I don’t have a showreel just yet for public speaking, but here are a couple of adverts I’ve recently filmed for Dyson explaining the technology behind the formaldehyde range and helping viewers understand the importance of air purification.