Not content with flipping primary design & technology education on it’s head, I’ve turned my hand to designing innovative flat packed furniture!. Everyone I speak to has experienced the arguments, frustrations and disappointments that come when trying to build furniture. The internet is awash with horror stories of broken furniture, broken dreams and broken marriages, just check out this lot!! It’s an industry that hasn’t really moved forwards, full of products ripe to be reimagined, redesigned and seriously improved. I love solving problems and when my business partner, Terry King, came to me with memories of customer complaints about getting furniture upstairs from his Oak Furniture Land days, I knew I could help him out.

open plan bedroom

Here was the vision Terry pitched to me… 

  • A double wardrobe that could be built in under 5 minutes by anyone
  • Must fit up or down any flight of stairs and into any room in a house or apartment
  • Must be completely solid once built with the appearance of a solid piece of furniture

Challenge Accepted!

Fast forward half a year and that one solution has exploded into a whole range of innovative flat packed furniture ideas getting ready to launch in 2024.

I’ve been busy through 2023 designing and prototyping right here in the UK. Using a mixture of computer aided design, 3D printing, AI and traditional wood work, our patents are now submitted pending formal approval. We’re now in the process of sourcing, sampling and ordering and bring my ideas to life.

So what are you designing Ben?

sketch book full of furntiure ideas

It’s a better question to ask what aren’t we designing!!

Media units, coffee tables, side tables, side boards, wardrobes, bedside tables, chest of drawers and dressing tables not name just a few!

I can always spot problems with things because that’s the way my mind works. I guess I can be a bit annoying but ultimately this leads to a desire to solve those problems! It seems I’m not the only one either, all this year I’ve been asking people about their furniture frustrations. Our research has lead to a common set of frustrations which I’ve solved across the range. As a result I absolutely know our products will resonate well with the general public..

I’ve been working in the product design industry for over 20 years now solving all kinds of problems. However, outside of the day job you may know I’ve been building my own furniture for years for my kids and for our house. You can check out more of my creations on my Instagram page.

Where can we buy them?

Working with our industry partners, you’ll be able to purchase our products online and in shops across the country. Click below to register your interest if this sounds right up your street

Finally, after months of hard graft, I can not wait to bring this innovative flat packed furniture to market!