Save The World!

The world is going to end in 90minutes! We need a crack team of innovators to help devise a device to relocate a set of broken fuel cells to refill the rocket fueling point so we can escape to our off-world colony!

The broken fuel cells can not be touched by human hands or they will surely perish. However it does appear that lollipop sticks, cardboard, string, rubber bands and wire are impervious to rocket fuel which is just as well as that’s what i’ll be bringing with me 🙂

Not only that I have some incredible props to really bring this task to life including huge rocket fuel silos, the fuel cells themselves as well as a huge filling point that the inventors must carry the fuel pods to fill.

Focusing towards a common goal
Focusing towards a common goal
Promoting teamwork
Promoting teamwork
Dynamic interactive props
Dynamic interactive props
Fantastic sense of achievement
Fantastic sense of achievement


Materials understanding, weight distribution, centre of gravity, problem solving, teamwork, communication skills, innovation

On the day

Parents can stay to help or to just watch. We mostly want the children to complete the challenge, but understand some might need some support.

Ideally a minimum of 5 parents would stay and help keep an eye on things due to use of certain equipment.

Children aged 6 can attend so long as a parent stays at all times to help child with the challenge..

Workshop Details

Duration: 90 minutes

Number of kids: up to 30

Age restrictions: 7 to adult

Previous skills required: Almost none

What will I bring?: Loads of props! 2 large ‘fuel stations’, 1 fuel filling point and 2 fuel pods. All the tools, materials, consumables and components needed to save the human race!.

Cost: £200 + travel

Refund Policy: If we cancel the event then you will be refunded. However, if you are not able to make it on the day, I will not be able to give you a refund as we will have paid the person leading the workshop. Though, if you can find someone to take your child’s space, I will be more than happy to accommodate that.

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