Minivation is now permanently closed…

Minivation is now permanently closed…

End of an era

You may or may not have heard but Minivation is now permanently closed. After 8 years of trading and many cool innovations for the mini scene, it is time to move on to pastures new. I’m now teaching kids innovation and problem solving skills through my #InventorClub and Dan is exploring several new ventures.

Thank you for all your love and support over the years, it truly means a great deal. The friendships I’ve made the world over and the minis that are fitted with my creations will forever make me proud. You never know, one day when I have my own metal laser cutter and factory, I may start to produce things again…

For now, here’s to the memories and the friendships… Mini on folks…

Are we making any more products?

We currently have no plans to build any more of our innovative products. After 8 years of trading, it became abundantly clear that it was never going to set us free from the day job and ultimately took up a huge amount of our spare time that we weren’t spending with our own families.

I’ll still be selling Christmas jumpers through this site as well as Moke kits and I can still cut various vinyl images out too

I’d still love to finish the subframes off as I need them for my rebuild, hopefully Jon will find the time one day to see fit to finish them…

Whats happening to the designs?

The designs are still owned by us but we would be interested in selling them on if someone was to come along with a sensible offer. They represent 1000’s of hours of R&D over several years which should not be taken lightly. Please get in touch if you would seriously consider purchasing them from us and have the means to manufacture them yourselves.

We have drawing packs, assembly details and packaging tools for:

  • Clubman hinges
  • V2.5 saloon hinges
  • Mk3 onwards hinges
  • Mk1/2 hinges
  • Elf/Hornet Hinges
  • Mk1/2 Phone holders
  • Mk3 onwards Phone holders
  • Universal fit cup holders
  • Gas assist bonnet lift kits to replace the bonnet prop
  • Rear bonnet lifters (for more air flow)

Do we have any stock left?

We don’t have any hinges or cup holders but we do have a number of parts left that need selling off.

  • WIPAC Amber fully sealed LED indicators £15 each
  • Spare Chargers for our old trackers – £5 each
  • Several different T shirts in various sizes – £10 each
  • Mk1 Bonnet lift kit – £45
  • Tons of MPI relay brackets
  • Tons of Gas strut mounts to remove the bonnet prop on clubmans and round noses – if you’re happy to drill holes on your inner wing, we can put some kits together.

I REALLY need to speak to someone about Minivation related stuff, what can I do?

You can reach me using any of the methods on my contact page. I still work a full time job so please be patient in expecting a reply.


  1. Geoff

    I’m after a phone holder for my 1981 moke.
    someone here in Australia bought one, and it looks great.

    If you still have them let me know.
    Freight to Australia ( Postcode 2756 NSW )

  2. Will

    Really sad to see the site go, loved the products. Really wanted a cup holder for IMM!

    Interested in the mounts to remove the bonnet prop on my clubman. Any further info would be great. A picture and price perhaps thankyou

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