The age of mass consumerism has not only created a throw away society, but as a by product, we’re losing the ability to fix and repair stuff which makes us helpless and feeds the mountain of discarded stuff and ultimately costs us more money‼️

We just buy a new one…

🛠Well, I’m teaching my girls all about fixing and repairing, because it’s more than just things that break. It’s about having a mentality of being able to solve problems.

💥Observing the world around them, spotting things that are broken or could be better (whether that’s products or systems) and figuring out how to, repair, improve or redesign them.

👉🏼Today’s lesson was about HACKING

I don’t mean the kind where you get your roller blades on and race to the nearest phone box #hacktheplanet

I mean the kind where you take a system and hack it to work the way you want it to work.

This was a simple lesson as it was just replacing parts in an existing system with different ones but we often hack IKEA furniture to make new stuff or I teach my young inventors about hacking LED lights into clothing to create new products😀

Once you understand how stuff works, you can not only turn it to your advantage but it gives you the mental tools to approach any situation in the same way- a solution can always be found‼️


The battery in our key fob had run out and typically we didn’t have the right size replacement 😬

Solution- crack the key open, whip out the battery, find a new one of the same voltage, find a wire, recreate the circuit – 👉🏼PUSH the button😀

We made it in to the Honda without setting the alarms off- SUCCESS!

Now to the shops to get a new 👉🏼🔋 👈🏼

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