Inventor Club Frequently Asked Questions

When does the club run?

Inventor Club is a weekly club that runs during school term times. We run three terms per year: Autumn Term is September – December | Spring Term is January – Easter Holidays | Summer Term is Easter – July.

Each block is usually 12 sessions long with a half term break in line with local schools.

In person sessions are once per week in each location on weekday evenings. Each session is 90 minutes long. I find, due to the creative nature of our activities, this is the right amount of time to have some sort of intro, get some stuff made, and hopefully test or present their work at the end and of course a quick tidy up

  • Head to the booking site for timings in each location – CLICK HERE

Online sessions are on Zoom, and are also 90 minutes in length. Sessions take place on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

  • Click HERE to book online sessions 🙂
What Age is It suitable for?

Current sessions are aimed at 7-17 years olds. I’m more than happy to work with anyone of any age but given the type of projects we work on, a lower age of 7 is my normal cut-off.
The young inventors use hot glue, sharp knives and other equipment and materials that require a certain level of dexterity, skill, ability and focus. For this reason, while in isolated cases I will entertain working with younger children it would ONLY be if the parent stays throughout and works 1:1 with their child.

All my sessions can be differentiated for varying ages, and can be made easier or more challenging to suit the level that each young person is working at. Group work is always about much more than the task though, as we all know, and so purely because of the social aspect, not because of the course content, I recommend that the earlier sessions are more likely to suit younger children, and the later session would be better for teenagers. You know your own children better than I do though, so I will leave it up to you to decide which time slot suits you best.

How Much Does it cost?

Each session costs £15, and in general we work to a 12 session term. Fees are payable termly in advance. Sometimes there are specialist parts required for the term in which case there is a one of kit fee which varies per term. Check out the booking site for specific details HERE

How do I sign up?

Book nowWe have recently moved all our booking to a new online system, please click here to see what sessions are available in your location.


Also request to join our #InventorClub group on Facebook so you can see the kinds of things that interest us and what we get up to.

Where does Inventor Club HAPPEN?

Inventor Club IN PERSON is relaunching in September 2021 in three locations:



UTC Swindon


I’m not near Reading, Gloucester or Swindon, how can I get involved?

Covid forced me to innovate the way I offered my sessions. This lead to a really positive outcome – Inventor Club is now available ONLINE over ZOOM! I’ve now got students all over the country so don’t let location be a problem.