Are you a black belt in origami? Show off your skills by crafting a creative mask, robot arm or other crazy cardboard creation!

Cardboard is one of the most versatile materials I’ve ever worked with and continues to be my material of choice to teach kids innovation and engineering.

Learning how to manipulate cardboard is the key to model making, whether that’s building strong bridges, or making sweeping curves for Optimus’ helmet.

I built the mask below after my Bumblebee costume got trashed on its way back from the Dyson Christmas party.

Workshop Details

Workshop Aim: To develop skills and abilities in cardboard modelling to allow the children to build models and concepts of their own to convey their ideas.

Workshop Format: Students will be introduced to the basics of cardboard modelling and those that want to make a mask will be given guidance on how to start to make and construct a headband from which to start the build.

 Duration: 90 minutes

Number of kids: up to 30

Age restrictions: 7 to adult

Previous skills required: Almost none

What will I bring?: Tons of cardboard, my Optimus Prime mask. All the tools, materials, consumables and components needed to build and construct an awesome mask..

Cost: £200 + travel

How do I book?

Head to the contact page to choose the best method to reach me. Please remember I still work a day job at one of the worlds most innovative technology companies, so workshops will be easier at weekends or evenings.

Relevant Scouting Badges

Creative Badge

Part 3 of the My Skills Badge

Part 6 of the My World Badge


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