Private Inventor Club Sessions

I’ve love my weekly club and all the awesome kids I get to work with but my private sessions are #NextLevel!

Working directly with me at my home workshop they gain access to my laser cutter, 3D printer, vinyl cutter and all my other tools and equipment. I get to teach them CAD (Computer Aided Design) basics and they learn first hand how that translates into laser cut or 3D printed parts to build into technical rigs or product models.

It’s not just equipment, they also get access to but spending time directly with me and tapping into my 18 years professional career knowledge

In terms of projects, sometimes we will have a go at design challenges but other times we will work on much bigger challenges over several weeks going far deeper into understanding. For instance, several of my Young Innovators designed and build their own radio controlled boats!

Sessions are 90 minutes long. Some students come every week, some every other week and some come for one off sessions as a treat. If people are travelling far, they will often do a double session with an hour break in between to grab some lunch at our beautiful local pub, the Wheatsheaf.

Sessions cost £45 each and everything mentioned above (apart form lunch) is included.


As a parent do I stay or drop off?

You’re welcome to do either. Some kids like to just focus without the’r parents looking over. Cirencester is just 15 minutes away so you can pop there during the session. The pub is a 5 minute walk and there is a lovely local park within walking distance too.

What sort of projects will you cover?

I prefer to be led by my students interests as they are far more likely to get more out of the sessions. I found that a mixture of short one of challenges and slightly longer term projects keeps things fresh and interesting.

What ages do you work with?

I’m happy to work with any age from kids to adults though I find that younger than 6 becomes more challenging. I can make challenges easier, more challenging, longer, shorter – essentially, I adapt whatever I do to the student rather than trying to make them like me.

Do you have SEN experience?

Whilst I’m not professionally trained in how to deal with disabilities, I’ve been working with kids with various SEN requirements for nearly 2 years now. I like to think of ‘disabilities’ as super powers- they force kids to dig a little deeper, find something that others don’t have and quite often this makes for very special results!! As with the topics and projects, I adapt my style to suit the kids I’m working with, whether that’s reducing the noise we’re making, making sure I talk slower or coming down to the kids eye level ro anything else that makes them feel comfortable. I want to make my sessions as accessible as possible.