Hydraulic bridge kit

Hydraulic bridge kit


A fantastic feat of engineering for your budding inventor! Cardboard modelling, structural engineering, hydraulics, this kit has everything:)

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This cool kit will allow you to not only build a bridge, but a bridge that works using hydraulics – how cool is that? Once it’s built, you just need to push the plunger and the bridge deck will raise up out the way so you can drive, walk or ride underneath 🙂


This kit will teach your child the power of hydraulics, the stiffness and strength of triangulation and the versatility of cardboard. Learning skill and dexterity along the way,  you’ll strip the card pieces ready for assembly, then piece by piece it’ll all come together. It will improve your hand to eye coordination, attention to detail and model making skills.


Once built, you can decorate your bridge to turn it into stone, or brick. You can put a river underneath, build some ramps up to it – let your imagination go wild! When your creation is finished, drop us some pictures and we’ll post them on our blog! Click here to contact us 🙂


Whats in the box?

  • 18 laser cut parts
  • 80 lollipop sticks
  • 2 x 10ml syringes
  • 1 piece of tubing
  • 2 wooden rods for pivots
  • 2 x zip ties


What’s not in the box?

You’ll need a craft knife, a glue gun, some glue, and an eager pair of hands!

Recommended for ages 11+ or younger with adult supervision.



Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 40 x 33 x 4 cm


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