FREE STEM Challenges


FREE STEM Lockdown Challenges

No need to order – these are on my facebook group in the “guides” section. click link in product description or search #inventorclub

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So we’re currently in LOCKDOWN still due to COVID-19.

It’s obviously super important to slow the spread of the virus down and we are advised to practice social distancing. Shops, pubs, gyms & after school clubs have closed indefinitely and schools have also closed until September.

I am still working full time (from home) but as a little contribution to help break up the day and give people something to do that will get their brains working as well as get them moving around a bit, I have been going live on my #InventorClub group during my 30 minute lunch break and setting FREE STEM challenges.

These are not build-along videos for you to do real time with me, but I set the challenge and outline how to make it easier for younger participants, and harder for older kids/adults.

I  show you a quick run through of very simple version to solve it, but the idea is to use your imagination and be CREATIVE!

I’ve uploaded detailed posts for each challenge into the learning units of my #InventorClub Group.




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