Hello. I’m Ben and I am an inventor. I have a 20-year career in Design Engineering and Innovation, and I am the named inventor on several Global Patents and Design Rights. You can see products I have designed on every high street in the UK and all around the world.

In the daytime I work as a Senior Design Manager in the New Product Innovation department of a big global technology company, but as well as my full time job I also work as a freelance product designer & maker, and more recently as a teacher, trainer & speaker.

To see the services I offer, see my WHAT I DO section.

To check out some of the stuff I’ve invented for the companies I’ve worked for over the years, as well some of the fun stuff I’ve made just for the heck of it, have a look at my THINGS I’VE MADE pages.


I am a regular contributor on radio, television & podcasts, and have been featured in multiple magazines and newspapers both in print and online. I also offer engaging interactive talks, seminars and workshops for corporate events, festivals, and schools. To book me for your event, and to see the talks and workshops available for different settings, go to my BOOKINGS pages.

Over the last five years or so I have realised that what I love almost as much as being an inventor myself, is helping others to develop confidence in their own capacity to creatively solve problems and innovate. I believe there is a creative genius inside everyone, and what I love to do is equip people with new ways of thinking, and the tools and skills to get their ideas out into the world.

I teach both children and adults in a variety of different ways, both in person and online.

I specialise in teaching innovation, design thinking, and solution-focused mindset.

Design engineering challenges are great fun, and of course there is a lot of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths) in the mix, but really these are just the tools I use to demonstrate the deeper learning, which is all about creative problem solving, resourcefulness, resilience, teamwork, strategizing, idea generation and communication.

My lessons, seminars, courses and workshops benefit people in all industries and walks of life, not just those wanting to develop or move into careers in engineering & product design. The fundamentals needed for innovation are about observing the world around us; spotting what could be better; coming up with loads of ways to make improvements; and communicating with others. These are transferable skills that are invaluable for all of life, and will help my students perform better at school, at university & in the workplace, and in relationships both professional and personal.  To find out more about my pre-recorded courses, interactive live lessons, corporate training, schools workshops or one-one tuition, go to my LEARNING section.

My home workshop is where I like to play. I like to imagine that I’m unleashing my inner Tony Stark, but my wife tells me I’m more like Caractacus Potts! My workshop is fully equipped with everything a bona fide inventor could need – I have full 3D printing capabilities, an industrial laser cutter, vinyl cutter, mig welder, CAD station, product photography rig and of course no Batcave would be complete without a beer fridge.

We’ve just moved house but rather than unpacking boxes, the first thing we did was to set up a rudimentary production line manufacturing face shields for front line healthcare workers and the NHS.

I spend most of my free time designing and making all sorts of products from bespoke furniture and commissioned theatrical props, to intricately laser cut homeware products, or personalised gifts. In one session I can switch from making rubber-band propelled ping pong ball launchers, to cool t-shirts & hoodies or giant wall stickers… it really depends what mood I’m in! Check out my current SHOP to see what’s on offer, and if there’s something you want that’s not listed just send me a message on social media @innovationben and I will probably be able to make it for you.

I live in North Wiltshire on the edge of the Cotswold Water Park with my wife and three daughters, and we love to spend our free time exploring the countryside & lakes wherever our nose for adventure leads us.